Straightforward Solutions For Whitening Skin Care

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Whitening products (soaps,gluta,lotions,etc) everywhere huhuhuhu

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7 Dentist-approved teeth whitening products you can use at home

7 At-home teeth-whitening products to try Flick through the slideshow to perfect white teeth.  Activated Charcoal Powder (via Amazon),  SGD 20 Charcoal products are hard to miss these days, with everything from masks to scrubs to whiteners, but dentists are confident in this one! Add this powder to your toothbrush and get scrubbing - but gently. The abrasive charcoal base should wear down any staining.  3D White Luxe Glamorous White Whitestrips,  SGD 63.90 A top choice for many, this product is approved by the American Dental Association, which is no small feat as dentists are often (rightfully) critical of at-home whitening products. You will need to reserve 30 minutes a day for a month to use these bad boys - but it will be well worth it! This product is a great choice for sensitive teeth that need just a little brightening due to its 22% carbamide peroxide content. Though it seems little, it's certainly enough to brighten any dull, lacklustre smile with the help of its gel pens and whitening trays.  Okay, this might look like an ordinary toothpaste, but it really works! The gentle ingredients which include baking soda and bamboo go easy on your teeth whilst also whitening them. For those that can't bring themselves to fuss around with whitening kits and gels, this one's for you. Sensodyne boasts of a wide selection whitening toothpaste, but this one seems to do what it says on the box far more than the others.

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