Some Challenges For Quick Systems Of Women Fashion

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(Nasdaq: DXLG), the leading retailer of men's XL apparel, has opened a new DXL Mens Outlet store in the Sunshine State. The new store is located in the hub of theme parks Orlando, FL, located at 5443 International Drive. This store joins its parent DXL store in Orlando, but offers a different assortment of merchandise. The DXL Outlet store is a one-stop shop catering to the clothing needs and lifestyles of men who wear waist size 38+ and size XL and up. Press Release Follow on Facebook and Twitter . The DXL Outlet store was built with the bigger guy in mind and directly addresses needs he's expressed through customer feedback and focus groups," says David Levin, President and CEO of DXLG. "Our customers seek choices, value, convenience and a unique shopping experience, which DXL Outlet stores offer. Before DXL stores, these guys were relegated to shopping at the end of the rack in department stores. For guys who typically wear XL sizes, finding quality clothing that fits and looks great has been a struggle. Until now, they were forced to shop at department stores that carry a limited selection of styles in their sizes.

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