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Victims are extorted for a particularly high ransom of 1.79 Bitcoins - currently $4,613 - in order to regain access to their files. The ransomware shares similarities with the notorious Locky family and like Locky, is distributed by the Necurs botnet, leading researchers to believe there's a link between the two campaigns. But it now appears that may be just one element of the operation behind Jaff, which allegedly shares links with a large cybercriminal web store. Working alongside CSIS Security Group, researchers at Heimdal Security have discovered that Jaff ransomware shares server space with an online marketplace which provides access to tens of thousands of compromised bank accounts and details of the victim they belong to, including location, balance and email address. The web store also claims to provides cybercriminals will access to hacked online shopping accounts - including 1.8 million compromised PayPal accounts - with prices per stolen item ranging from under a dollar to several Bitcoins. Bank details available for sale in the Paysell store The store doesn't include any sort of vetting process for new users, meaning that even the lowest level wannabe cybercriminal can gain access to stolen credentials and finances, as well as the ability to make purchases through comprised accounts. However, the store also provides filters for more ambitious buyers, listing which accounts have the most lucrative potential, including details of accounts at one New Zealand bank totaling over $275,000. Banks from all over the world are listed as for sale, with the highest volumes of compromised records originating from the US, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, Italy and New Zealand. The banks and online shopping websites themselves are unlikely to have been compromised, but rather hackers have stolen accounts via breaking weak or reused passwords.

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