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Until a few decades ago, the Jews of Kaifeng seemed destined to fade away, an obscure memory at the intersection of two ancient civilizations. Their forebears, possibly merchants from Persia, settled in Kaifeng when it was the vibrant capital of the Northern Song dynasty and built a synagogue in the 12th century. For hundreds of years, they prospered largely free of persecution, surviving the rise and fall of successive dynasties. But their numbers dwindled as they intermarried with Chinas ethnic Han majority. The synagogue crumbled away. By 1851, when European missionaries acquired a 17th-century Hebrew Torah in Kaifeng and later presented it to the British Museum, few if any residents could read it. Still, even after decades of Communist rule, some residue of Jewish identity survived in Kaifeng. Parents and grandparents told children of their roots and warned them not to eat pork. The revival here took off in the 1990s as Jewish tourists, scholars and businesspeople from around the world who were curious about this remote outpost of Judaism began to visit and share their knowledge. Several years ago, two organizations, the Sino-Judaic Institute and Shavei Israel, set up offices and offered classes วัดนอก อำเภอเมืองชลบุรี ชลบุรี in Hebrew, Judaism and Jewish history, partly to counter Christian missionaries operating in Kaifeng. We began with our old generation, which had no foundation, Guo said.

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