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While there are three levels to each routine, depending on how much make-up you like to wear and your skill, the process is the same. Brighten and prime your eyes before adding liner and eyeshadow. Apply your mascara before concealing your under-eye area and evening out your skin tone. Add a touch of colour to your complexion and finish with your brows and lipstick. While some women will want to incorporate all eight steps into their routine, Trish suggests we use them as a checklist to work out what needs to be corrected and which areas we want to enhance. There are many days when I dont wear anything but concealer, she says. I live in the real world and I dont have a tremendous amount of time, but that one product, applied properly, makes me feel confident. When it comes to tweaking your make-up as you age, Trish has an equally straightforward approach. At 35 you enhance your features, at 45 you start to fill them in and when you get to 55 you ครีมบำรุงผิวหน้า facebook have to make up for what nature has taken away. The technique is the same, though. For example, in your 30s, gel liner makes your eyes pop, but in your 50s, when you have fewer and finer lashes, the same product will make them look fuller and thicker. That said, there are a few things Trish suggests we avoid as we age.

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