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Taribo West They have to contend with high crime rates, as well the absence of running water, grid-powered electricity or healthcare. So what are the factors that contribute to Ajegunley's footballing pedigree? Diversity, for one. "It's a community with so many people from different ethnicities," says Bennedict Ehenemba, a football scout for German clubs who is a native of Ajegunle. "Ajegunle accommodates the Yorubas, the Igbos, the Hausas, the Itsekiris and all the other tribes in Nigeria. "It's a raw talent hub of Nigeria," he tells me. Image caption Young boys have to find safe spaces to play football in Ajegunle Many success stories can be traced back to two local institutions - St Mary's Catholic Church and the Navy Barracks Camp. They remain safe places for many young people to play the game. Other open spaces are often claimed by so-called "Area Boys", unruly gangs who often demand a fee for people to play there.

in 1963, with Gus handling the business operations while Judith took care of the creative side of the company. Judith credits moving to New York as one of the main factors that helped catapult her handbag design career. New York was so alive and energetic. There was a real feeling that the sky was the limit in New York, Judith tells Racked. Immigrating to New York made it possible to dream big dreams and create things that had never been done before. Americas fashion industry was booming and the market was hungry for new ideas. Since founding her own company, Judith has made more than 3,500 handbags for patrons and first ladies, and, among many other awards, received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Judith retired from her company in 1998 and made her very last handbag in 2004. View photos Watermelon minaudiere with rhinestones, 1991. More Judiths success came from setting her work apart from that of countless fashion designers trying to make it in New York. European designs were very old-fashioned, very traditional.

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In an extraordinary act of generosity, the customer visited the stores in Crouch End on Monday, buying everything from clothes and shoes to handbags and accessories. She spent a total of 1,116 at a Shelter store, grabbing mountains of items, and shelled out more than 500 at a Children's Air Ambulance store. As surprised workers workers sought to find out her identity, she claimed to one that she was a Brazilian businesswoman and told another that she owned a honey farm in Guyana. Sharon De-Freitas, manager of the Air Ambulance shop, told the Standard: Before she came in I thought business had been very slow, I was worried we weren't going to meet our targets. She came in with two huge suitcases. She started piling items at the counter. Provided by Independent Print Limited shelter.png It kept mounting up, she went to all the different departments, cleared me out of all my mens clothes and bought most of our ladies stock. She was in the store for at least half an hour. Ms De-Freitas, who has worked at the shop for four years, said the woman was buying the items for workers at her honey farm in Guyana. She added: As it kept going I started to have a little chat with her why she was buying so many items. She said she had a honey farm in Guyana, 1,000 aches and 5,000 people employed. I have had one customer come in spend 100 but nothing like this has never happened.

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