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Brexit talks in December 2017 The UK has set a lot of store by establishing a high level of co-operation on security issues, like counter-terrorism and the fight against organised crime, with the EU after Brexit. But there are significant disagreements about how this will work - and the EU's decision to exclude the UK from the Galileo satellite system on security grounds has poisoned the atmosphere, with the UK claiming it shows a lack of trust. The UK thinks that co-operation on extradition, the British relationship with the EU crime-fighting agency Europol and the sharing of criminal records should be the subject of a separate security treaty which the two sides should begin negotiating straight away. This is another issue that could bring the whole deal down, according to Michel Barnier. The UK is committed to pulling out of the European Court of Justice, the mechanism used to settle disputes between member states by interpreting and enforcing single market rules. The EU has proposed a joint committee made up of representatives appointed by London and Brussels. If they can't solve a problem, it would be referred to the European Court of Justice. The UK government likes the idea of a joint committee but not of the European Court of Justice having the final say. British companies hold all sorts of personal data belonging to EU citizens, and the European Commission thinks that European data protection laws should continue to apply to it after Brexit. The UK would like a comprehensive deal on data-sharing with the EU as part of the discussions about the future relationship, and is wary of agreeing divorce-related measures that could tie its hands. The EU wants the UK to share customs data for three years and information about certain taxes for five years after the end of the transition period.

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