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Trump punishes New York Times for debunked Russia story Last week’s Mirror Awards honoring media journalism, held at Cipriani 42nd Street, turned nasty, with The Nation media columnist Eric Alterman throwing some tough punches at the New York Times. Alterman picked up an award for his piece on “false equivalency” at the Gray Lady. False equivalence is a term for putting two sides on equal footing when perhaps only one side is guilty of something egregious. With both New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and Executive Editor Dean Baquet in the audience, Alterman said the paper was very important to him, but then began the body blows. “I’m not going to go nearly as far as I’d like to for the sake of time and the sake of comity. There is a cancer at the heart of the New York Times’ political coverage, and that’s the cancer of false equivalence. It’s a very dangerous thing. “I don’t think we’d have a psychopath as president today if the New York Times took the question more seriously.

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The Times‘ Anemona Hartocollis reported  that the college “had to hold its commencement 30 miles from campus, at a rented baseball stadium where everyone had to pass through metal detectors.” Her explanation of why that came to pass suggests conservative media are to blame for stirring up threats from outside the campus, and totally ignores the violent role of left-wing activists on campus, some of whom have been “ patrolling ” campus with baseball bats. She ignored critical details in the story, such as the fact that campus police told Weinstein they could not protect him. Hartocollis also sided with critics of professor Weinstein, who supported black students’ efforts to draw attention to racial issues but refused to obey when they told white professors and students not to come to campus. She quoted a professor who is angry that he shared his dispute with the outside press: “That he took this public I just feel like is a breach of trust.” Hartocollis also suggested Weinstein is acting out of greed, noting that he has a “new blog offering his subscribers insights into ‘ evolution, civilization and intolerance ‘ for a nominal monthly fee” [original link]. Moreover, she did not quote any of Weinstein’s supporters, but supplied a quote from a parent whose daughter is opposed to him: Ellis Paguirigan, a 1991 Evergreen graduate whose daughter, Melia, was graduating and planned to go into ocean conservation, said they were both disappointed in Professor Weinstein’s stance. Melia had Professor Weinstein in her freshman year and liked his class, Mr. Paguirigan said. But, he added, “my daughter is a person of color — she kind of takes it personal.” The implication is that Weinstein is racist — exactly the false charge lobbed by the campus mob. The Times has featured at least one  op-ed criticizing the left’s behavior at Evergreen.

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